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The 2020 Advent Calendar

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We are on our fifth Advent Calendar! Every year we look forward to creating a design that speaks to the season, captures some holiday magic, and will bring you a smile as you countdown to Christmas. And this year, it almost didn't happen.

When production (and everything) shut down in March we were left in a limbo. We had made the best decisions we could to protect the health of our community while trying to push through something so wild and unexpected. It's no secret that independent businesses in Alberta have struggled with poor economies and various challenges over the last few years, and with a pandemic added on top - it was a lot to navigate.

In a typical year we spend the quieter months of the summer planning our Holiday Collection, and as the months went by we were considering every possibility. Did we need to use extra prints from previous years? What if a shut down happened mid-production of the calendar? Should we shelve it all together?

These weren't questions with easy answers. We wanted something new and fun for all of you chocolate fans to enjoy! In a year that would likely not feel like the same Christmas we know and love, having a tradition that is steadfast can mean so much. The reality was that finances and risk were dictating what we could reasonably do and we needed more time to figure it out.

This calendar has truly been made possible because of the support we received from your orders over the last 6 months. And we are so grateful to have you cheering us on. 

When we reached the point where we could reasonably see a calendar happening we knew we wanted the design to be bright, bold, a little bit cheeky, and capture everything that has happened this year. Lianne worked her magic (like she always does) to translate all those ideas into a design that we are so incredibly proud to share with each of you!

We hope as you countdown to Christmas you'll enjoy every bite and message knowing that we put this together for you. To say thank you. To share a bit of fun. To give some holiday magic back to the wild and weird year that 2020 has been.

Happy Holidays Chocolate Fans!

With love,

Rebecca and Maryanne


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