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Meet Lianne Charlene Creative!

canada150 design

You may recognize Lianne's name from the design of our 2016 Advent Calendar and we were delighted to work together again on the Canada 150 Collection! The collection was inspired by capturing Canadian pride and Lianne helped us bring that into the packaging with three unique designs. Read on to find out about Lianne's creative process and favourite parts of Edmonton below. Ready for chocolate? Check out the limited edition collection here!


Headshot of Lianne from Lianne Charlene Creative, photography by Jillian Schecher StudiosWhat do you do?
On paper, I'm a Graphic Designer and trained Art Director. If you ask me, I'd say I'm a creative thinker and brand enthusiast. I love helping small and large businesses cultivate their visual identity and improve their brand awareness.



Favourite place to:
eat – I'm a big fan of local independent restaurants as well as local farmer's market vendors here in Edmonton. However, I have a soft spot for Italian food so my favourite restaurant would have to be Corso 32.

drink – I drink a lot of coffee. Naturally, I love discovering new coffee shops! Two of my favourites are Remedy (their Chai's are to die for) and Bru Coffee + Beer - I love their atmosphere.

play – I like to stay active and on top of local events. In the winter, I try to get out to the mountains as much as possible. In the summer, going to all of the local festivals and markets really excites me! It's like the feeling of being on vacation every summer! Hitting up a local patio isn't too bad either ;)

Canada 150 Collection from The Violet Chocolate Company with packaging design by Lianne Charlene CreativeWhat made you want to collaborate on the Canada 150?

Violet Chocolate Co. and I have worked together on other projects. We've also continuously crossed paths at markets and events. It was inevitable that we would come together again to work on a collaboration. When deciding on a collaboration, we couldn't ignore the biggest celebration of the year. Canada 150 seemed like the most appropriate way to bring two thriving companies together and to showcase our culinary and creative abilities.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

It sounds cliche but I love everything about it! On one hand, I love the satisfaction of finishing a rebrand or campaign. I love seeing my clients satisfied and my work out there in the world. One of the coolest things is walking down the street and seeing your logo on some billboard or window.

On the other hand, I love the process. As long and arduous as it can be, the design process is the most fun. Some designers might think otherwise but to me, it's when you really get to challenge yourself. Going through different concepts and iterations let you discover your true abilities and creativity as a designer. Without the feedback of the clients and the process, you can never truly reach your full potential. It's in these challenging moments where you get those "big ideas" or "aha" moments.

What advice would you pass on to someone?

Photo of Lianne from Lianne Charlene Creative at work at coffee shop, photography credit to Jillian Schecher StudiosYou could say for someone as young as I am that I've had "many lives". There was a point in my life where I did a 180. I went from a boring job and being complacent with life to being truly happy and free; I opened my mind up to different experiences, started traveling the world, and created my own business. In life, my one piece of advice would have to be to challenge yourself. Take risks and push your limits physically, mentally, and spiritually. You never know who you might meet or where you'll end up. In the end, you'll thank yourself and be happier for it.

In business, I try to stay as humble as possible. My advice for other creatives and small business owners: Stay true to who you are. Never forget where you came from and who helped you get there.

My two year work anniversary is coming up at the end of August. It's been a wild ride and I'm so thankful for everyone who has been a part of it. I'm looking forward to the next two years, new collaborations, new friends and new experiences!

Interested in working with Lianne on your next creative project? Here's how to get in touch!



Photos of Lianne were taken by Jillian Schecher Studios  

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