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Inspired By... The Maite!

Summer has it all! The sunshine, tropical cocktails, and spending time with friends. With the help of our latest Inspired By member Maite (pronounced my-tay) we're excited to have the perfect summer drink included in our 64% dark chocolate.

Read on to find out more about Maite and her Mai Tai inspired bar!

Photo of the inspired by Maite (Mai Tai) flavoured bar with the namesakeWhere do you live?

Calgary, Alberta

What do you do?

I'm studying Communications at the University of Calgary while working with ENMAX.

Favourite place to:
eat - Ohmygod do I have to pick just one? Calgary has so many amazing restaurants! Currently, I've been obsessed with Korean Fried Chicken. I just moved near Olive Chicken, one of the best Korean Fried Chicken joints in the city. From my front door to the restaurant, it is exactly an 8-minute walk and it's amazing/awful/one of the main reasons we moved to this area of Calgary. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my huge sweet tooth, I mean obviously after working with Rebecca I love quality chocolates but I'm also super into ice cream. Its really more of an addiction at this point. Village Ice Cream and Fiasco Gelato are both made in house and are fantastic.

drink - I recently just checked out Model Citizen, Model Milk's cool attic cocktail lounge. The door to the lounge is a little inconspicuous and is fairly intimate. They have a unique cocktail selection but the bartenders can make you any drink you desire.

play - I love locked rooms/escape rooms. The themes change constantly and it's just fun to spend some time with friends solving puzzles.

flatlay trio of The Violet Chocolate Company's Inspired By Maite 78g chocolate barWhat inspired The Maite?

I have a unique name, it usually throws people off when they first hear or read it and takes a few tries to get the pronunciation just right. The most popular name mispronunciation I get is "Mai Tai". I used to get annoyed by this, no my parents did not name me after a cocktail, and for years I refused to try a Mai Tai out of protest. Of course, when I finally tried a Mai Tai I found out just how delicious it was and thought it would be perfect as a Summer time chocolate.

Now that you have a chocolate bar in your name, what’s your next life goal?!

To have 2 chocolate bars named after me ;)

Any life/career advice you would pass on to someone?

Oh boy, should people be taking advice from me? Make friends with talented people it pays off! I suggest making friends with's awesome!

The Inspired By collection was created as a way to celebrate some of our favourite people and say thank you to the amazing friends, family, and clients who have supported us from day one. Together with the namesake, we develop a custom flavour usually inspired by their favourite food(s) for these limited edition 78g bars.


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  • Cecilia Latorre on

    The Maite!! I LOVE THIS! My daughter is named MAITE and we are always telling people how to pronounce it! Great article on an amazing woman and so exciting to have chocolate named after you! Where can I buy this?

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