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Introducing... The Valentine Collection!

chocolate Gift Ideas new flavours Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! We are excited to be debuting four new flavours and extra special gifts that will make any chocolate fans heart flutter! Classics get a spin, fruit meets crunch, there's a pop to celebrate, and past favourites hold a special place in our hearts. With bright and fun packaging, what's not to love?!

Perfect gifts for your bestie, sweetheart, or yourself. We can all use a little love and chocolate each day!

The Chocolate Bars:

A treat all by itself! Our handcrafted chocolate bars embrace flavour with everything from something sweet, to a bit of crunch, to a classic that doesn't make you choose between salty & decadent.

Gift Suggestion: Enjoy them solo, pair them with a card, or go for a bundle!

Valentine Gift - Valentine Chocolate Bar Bundle including flavoured chocolate bars. Small Bars (36g) flavours include: Blackberry Fizz (white) and Pink Sea Salt (dark milk). Big Bars (78g) flavours include: Valentine Mocha (dark) and Strawberry Crunch (milk). All products included are from the 2022 Valentine Collection from The Violet Chocolate Company, internationally award-winning chocolatier based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, ships across Canada, Valentine Gift

36g Flavours:

Blackberry Fizz - A little pop, a little sweet, a lot of flavour to love! Blackberries infuse creamy white chocolate to create a delicious treat.

Pink Sea Salt - 49% dark chocolate infused with a touch of sea salt for those that don't want to choose between salty and sweet.

78g Flavours:

Strawberry Crunch - The crunch of cereal pieces and sweet burst of strawberry are brought together in smooth milk chocolate.

Valentine Mocha - 65% dark chocolate gets spiced up with an infusion of coffee, cinnamon, and cayenne. This flavour is dairy-free/vegan.


Valentine Extras:

This year we're bringing back some must-have favourites!

Gift Suggestion: Double up on nostalgia and send your sweetheart a Candy Gram! For the loyal chocolate fan, Pieces Of My Heart is a must with four all-time favourite flavours. Feeling extra? We've got that covered with our All The Love bundle box!

Candy Heart: 

Internal link to shop Valentine 2022 Candy Gram including dark chocolate bar Valentine Mocha and milk chocolate Candy Heart. From internationally award-winning Edmonton based Violet Chocolate Company. Valentine Gift Idea with Canada-wide shipping

A sweet treat for those that love candy and chocolate! Pieces of jelly candies and chips are surrounded by chocolate to create these solid geometric-shaped hearts. 

Milk Chocolate Candy Heart - Sour gummies and chips are surrounded by milk chocolate to create a nostalgic and too good to share treat! 

Pieces Of My Heart: 

Internal link to shop Valentine 2022 Pieces Of My Heart including four heart shaped flavoured chocolate bar bites. From internationally award-winning Edmonton based Violet Chocolate Company. Valentine Gift Idea with Canada-wide shipping


New to the 2022 Valentine Collection! 

Pieces Of My Heart is a set of four fan-favourite bite-size chocolate pieces set in solid chocolate hearts, hand-painted, and beautifully packaged together.

Flavours included: Raspberry Pepper Lime, London Fog, S'mores, and Salt & Vinegar Chip


Be sure to check out our selection of ready to gift bundles here!

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