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Inspired by... The Alexis

chocolate Edmonton Inspired By

The Inspired By collection was created as a way to celebrate some of our favourite people and say thank you to the amazing friends, family, and clients who have supported us from day one. Together with the namesake, we develop a custom flavour usually inspired by their favourite food(s) for these limited edition 78g bars.

This month we're excited to introduce you to Alexis! We've created a delicious Salted Caramel Popcorn in dark chocolate with a little bit of caramelized milk chocolate in her honour.

Without further ado here is a little bit about Alexis!





Where do you live?

Edmonton, AB

What do you do?

I am a junior high English Language Arts teacher.


Favourite place to eat?

In my opinion, Sofra is one of the top restaurants in Edmonton. Every time I go there it amazes me that it's better than I remembered. Plus, the owner is so friendly and welcoming. Get the feta dip, it will change your life. 

Favourite thing to do?

My favourite things to do in Edmonton varies a lot, but I really like going with my husband, Tyler, and my dog, Baloo, on walks. We have used dog parks, and the River Valley, and it just reminds me of how beautiful our city is.

What inspired The Alexis?

When I teasingly suggested Rebecca make a chocolate bar named after me, I never fathomed it would really happen. She told me to think of flavours, so I just thought of things I am known to eat a lot. I love popcorn! I rarely go to a movie without popcorn, and when I do it feels incomplete. Popcorn is so delicious, and it's especially good when you mix in chocolate peanut M&Ms (don't judge me until you try it, then you'll say thank-you). I love salty and sweet snacks, and I prefer dark chocolate, so I suggested something with dark chocolate and popcorn. Rebecca added the caramel, and let me tell you, that was a reflection of her excellent understanding of flavors because my chocolate bar is so delicious! I don't think it's bragging if I essentially did none of the work, right?

Now that you have a chocolate bar in your name, what’s your next life goal?!

What AM I going to do now? How does a person advance from having a chocolate bar named after them? Is it even humanly possible? I guess I'm left with the job of trying to, but I really think this is peak level of awesome for me. Otherwise, I am always working on my fitness goals. Despite my post's suggestion that I'm obsessed with more indulgent food, I work out a lot and I get a lot of joy from feeling strong and able. I guess my goal would be to feel even stronger, and like I can do even more. Growing up I wasn't very fit so it is very exciting for me to feel like I can admit I'm in fairly good shape.

Any life/career advice you would pass on to someone?

I refer to the genius herself, Tina Fey. In her book, Bossypants, she has a chapter about how in improv actors say "yes, and" in order to keep the scene moving. Saying "no" stops the scene, and without "and" the actor isn't contributing. Say "yes" to your opportunities, then contribute to them. I've applied her guidance a few times and it seems to turn out well. I mean, even she admits not every opportunity is the one for you, but when it is, take it! Otherwise, work really hard and be patient, and eventually, people will notice.  

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