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You're My Favourite

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Rebecca got married!

They eloped with a beautiful backyard wedding in May, and held their postponed ceremony and reception this past weekend with a small group of friends and family. To celebrate the newlyweds, we've launched a limited set of their wedding favours for you to enjoy!

While many of you know and love the Caramel Fudge Brownie, the true origin story hasn't been shared until now. We all have Rebecca's husband to thank for this delicious creation! He was too new at the time for it to be named after him and we're thrilled that we can introduce it today as The Sam! Plus, it is the perfect compliment to a brand-new flavour, The Rebecca

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We asked the happy couple to answer some quick-fire questions and finally share more about their wedding flavours! Congratulations to the happy couple!

How we met:

S: I met Rebecca at a coffee shop downtown

R: We actually met on Tinder haha

First Date:

R: July 9, 2017! We met at Bru for a drink and ended up spending half our date talking outside because they closed and kicked us out.

Favourite Date:

R: This is a hard one! We’ve had some pretty good dates over the years. I’ll go back to the beginning and go with our second date. We started with dinner at Sugar Bowl, walked around campus, went for a drink on Whyte, and it ended with a very awkward first kiss in a parking lot.

S: Favourite date was our first date, it was like 5 hours long and they eventually had to kick us out to close.

What you admire most about each other:

R: The thing I admire the most about Sam is how sweet and thoughtful he is. He is just genuinely such a good person and I’m so lucky I get to share my life with him.

S: I admire her tenacity most... and her butt... and her shoulder dancing... and her many faces...

Favourite part of your wedding:

R: I really wish I could say it was Sam shedding a single tear as I walked down the aisle but no such luck haha! It’s hard to pick just one moment, it was all so perfect. We both just felt so incredibly loved. One cute moment was when Sam quietly leaned over to double check what finger to put the ring on since I had switched my engagement ring to my right hand.

S: Favourite part of the wedding was when you agreed to marry me for reals... cause you never know, you stillll might have run off!

Origins of Caramel Fudge Brownie:

There was just one spot left to fill in the collection and both of us were out of ideas. Sam offered up the mix of brownies with caramel and marshmallows. It sounded like it was too much for just one bar but we were wrong and Caramel Fudge Brownie was born! As some of you may remember we previously had a series of Inspired By bars, and it was a great debate whether Caramel Fudge Brownie should be included in it. Sam had only been in the picture for about three months and while Rebecca already knew he was the one she told him it wouldn’t be called The Sam until he put a ring on it.

Origins of The Rebecca:

I always said I would never name a bar after myself. I didn’t need to, I felt like all the bars I made were a 'Rebecca'. Except the Ginger Beet bar, I hate beets. I did a lot of experimenting and came up with the Lemon Passion Fruit bar. It’s a milk chocolate infused with passion fruit chocolate, has pieces of candied lemon peel, and then of course I had to finish it with violets. The Rebecca needed to have violets in it, as violets have represented so many things to me throughout my life. Fun fact: I tried to change my name to Violet after my favourite Pound Puppy when I was three.


Thank you for celebrating this next chapter with us! In a time where celebrating looks different than what we're used to, we are so grateful to feel the love and support from so many.

Rebecca & Sam

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