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Introducing... The 2021 Fall & Winter Collection!

The 2021 Fall & Winter Collection is here!

The collection is full of new flavours! Like new, new. We completely overhauled the flavour list and haven't brought back any of our past favourites. Except Honey Rosemary which is a collection staple that never goes out of season.

We'll miss those favourites that we've come to expect with the season but it felt time to explore new possibilities. The collection ranges from capturing classic autumn moments to adventurous combinations. They will delight your senses and inspire new favourites for every chocolate fan! 

Ready to dig in? So are we!

You can shop the entire collection here.

Small Bars:

Cranberry Coconut - Creamy white chocolate gets a fresh spin with tart cranberries and shredded coconut mixed throughout.

Ginger Chai - The ultimate cozy moment - chai, sweet pieces of candied ginger, and a delicious creamy milk chocolate. 

Honey Rosemary - As comforting as Sunday dinner at Grandma’s. A surprising blend of clover honey and fresh rosemary in 49% dark milk chocolate. Canadian: 2017 Silver, 2013 - 2016 Gold, World: 2016 Gold, 2015 Silver, 2014 Gold

Fruit Crunch - 64% dark chocolate gets a touch of sweetness and texture thanks to blueberries, strawberries, and gluten-free granola. Dairy-free & Vegan friendly

Caramelized Cocoa Nibs - 65% dark chocolate surrounds pieces of caramelized cocoa nibs for that delicious crunch and a touch of sweet. Dairy-free & Vegan friendly

Big Bars:

Hot & Spicy Crunch - Milk chocolate surrounds pieces of spicy potato chips that bring out a tangy zip and spicy kick.

Cardamom Plum - 49% dark milk chocolate infused with the warmth of cardamom surrounds freeze-dried plums.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel - Pieces of gluten-free pretzels are completely surrounded by the rich and earthy 65% dark chocolate. Dairy-free & Vegan friendly


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