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Celebrating Halloween in 2020!

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Halloween as an adult in our 30's is definitely one filled with nostalgia. And we'll admit that neither of us have that many tried and true traditions for Halloween – with the major exception of the Trick or Treat collaboration with Linda Ritter. Her love for all things spooky and fun is something we look forward to every year, plus the flavour is your childhood dream! Milk chocolate blended with pieces of gummy candies and pop rocks, an extra dose of sprinkles to bring together all the fun.

Image of 2020 Halloween Trick or Treat Limited Edition chocolate bar collaboration with Linda Ritter formerly of Salgado Fenwick. Wrapper features halloween design inspired by zoltar fortune teller with illustrated bat and bunny. Product features fortune card and milk chocolate with pop rocks, jujube candies and sprinkles.

This year, with the wild reality of 2020, we wanted to capture the nostalgia, celebrate the fun and spooky, and help you share a moment that made it feel that extra bit special. Linda created two designs inspired by the classic Zoltar Fortune Teller and wrote fortunes to include inside the bars. Whether you're looking to create a Halloween gift basket, send a bar to a friend, or find a new way to celebrate the Limited Edition Trick or Treat is a must-have addition to Halloween 2020!

Celebrating whatever we can (in safe ways) is what we're all about for 2020! And while Halloween is typically for the kids, we think there are lots of great ways to get into the season for those that are spooky inclined.


Here are our tips on how to go all out for a themed night in! 


Adding a bit of Halloween to your home is perfect for setting the mood and enjoying the season. Dixie and Twine (a fun party company based in Calgary) has great seasonal items like this adorable ghost garland. There are also so many easy craft projects that add some spook to the house or doorstep. Kira from Northern Style shared this simple (and budget friendly) Bat Door decor idea.


Want to get some friends involved? Plan a pumpkin carving competition with your cohort or take it virtual to get more people involved! The Trick or Treat bar makes a great prize.

Carving not your thing? Here are a few other easy pumpkin decor ideas that you can easily transition from Thanksgiving to Halloween with a little help from some paint or markers.


It's likely that trick-or-treaters will be limited this year which means you can enjoy a whole movie! While there is a full list of what's coming to Netflix Canada (thanks to Curiocity) here are some of our more nostalgic favourites:

Rebecca - Hocus Pocus! There are no words for how fantastic this movie is! It's all the cheesy fun you need to get in the spirit.

Maryanne - I'm the least likely to put on a truly scary movie but I love tapping back in to classics like Practical Magic or enjoying some laughs with the crime solving iZombie crew.

Linda - I love the 1995 Casper! It’s my favourite big old house with so many secrets and, well, ghosts! Love it!!! A must watch every year! 


Pinterest is FULL of Halloween themed treats. From a candy filled charcuterie to skeleton cookies and monster themed rice krispy treats. If you're looking for something a bit more filling we recommend Love Pizza (who just opened a new spot in south Edmonton!). Make a spooky themed cocktail like these Harry Potter themed delights from Half Baked Harvest or enjoy a seasonal specialty from a local brewery like our stockist Town Square Brewing.


Start your Halloween prep by ordering a Limited Edition Trick or Treat bar and remember to have fun! Halloween isn't just for the kids in 2020.

Find more information and recommendations on how to celebrate safely here.

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